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Discovering the World of A Level Subjects

Looking to take the next step toward higher education as a high school student? If so, have you heard of A Level subjects? Offered all around the world, these qualifications have the potential to lead you to some of the finest universities globally. Let’s delve into A Level subjects and how they can catapult you toward a bright future.

What are A Level subjects?

High school students usually undertake A Level subjects within the last two years of their education to acquire advanced-level qualifications that are recognized by almost all the universities in the world. The subjects are focused on offering a deeper and expert comprehension of their preferences. The topics covered in A Level include sciences, mathematics, humanities, and languages resulting in a broad range of diversity.

What are the benefits of taking A Level subjects?

Developing critical thinking, understanding subjects more in-depth, and applying knowledge in practical situations are qualities A Level subjects offer. These traits also help students get recognized by universities and employers on a global scale, making them valuable assets in one’s educational or professional career.

How are A Level subjects structured?

From year one to year two of studying A Level, students progress from AS-level to A2-level. AS-level introduces a variety of subjects within a chosen area of study while A2-level focuses on more specialized topics. Once both years are completed, grades are joined together to reach a final A Level mark that ranges from the top-tiered A* to the lowest possible grade of U.


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What are the most popular A Level subjects?

Mixing and matching subjects based on personal interests and future academic or career goals is encouraged in selecting courses, with subjects including mathematics, biology, English literature, chemistry, physics, and history as some of the most widely chosen A Level courses. Additionally, language courses, notably French, Spanish, and German, are also offered alongside numerous other options.

Why choose Homebridge for your A Level studies?

Homebridge is an online A Level program that offers various A Level courses for students interested in pursuing such subjects. Homebridge is the perfect place to look into these varieties of subjects with our top faculty:

  • Computer science 
  • Mathematics 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Law
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Urdu

With Homebridge, studying at your desired speed, anywhere globally, and getting guidance from knowledgeable top instructors is made possible. Homebridge’s goal is for you to reach your utmost potential and triumph in your academic and career undertakings with the aid of our created courses.


Don’t let your potential go untapped any longer – begin your A Level journey with Homebridge. With Homebridge as your Cambridge-certified online A Level program, you can receive unparalleled support and education that will prepare you for higher education and help you improve your critical thinking skills and understanding of chosen subjects. So why wait? Choose A Level subjects and let Homebridge help you succeed in both your academic and professional pursuits.


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