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Homebridge is proud to offer fully funded scholarships for our live online A Level programme. These scholarships are available to exceptional students based on need and merit. With our partnership with Akhuwat, we are providing 200 scholarships. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Household Income:

  • The combined monthly income of the student’s household must not exceed Rs.200,000.

Academic Achievement:

  • Students must have achieved a remarkable academic record, securing 80% or above marks in their matriculation examination or 4 A or above in O Level.

* On a case-by-case basis, exceptions to the merit criteria may be considered

Apply now and embark on a transformative educational journey with Homebridge’s fully funded scholarships.

Mr. Nassir Kasuri's Message
(CEO Homebridge)

Dear Students,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with Akhuwat, offering 200 fully funded scholarships for exceptionally talented students to pursue the senior Cambridge online A-Level programme. This transformative collaboration is driven by our shared commitment to breaking down barriers and creating equal opportunities for deserving students. Through Homebridge’s innovative online platform, we are bridging the accessibility gap, enabling students from all corners of Pakistan to access quality A-Level education. With 200 fully funded scholarships, this partnership holds the potential to revolutionize the educational landscape, empowering the intellectual growth of our future leaders and change-makers. Our online A-Level programme presents students with unparalleled opportunities to broaden their horizons and explore educational prospects at renowned universities worldwide. It equips them with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to secure admission to top-tier international institutions outside Pakistan. We extend a warm invitation to parents, students, and stakeholders to join us on this extraordinary journey of empowering the next generation. Together, let’s make quality A-Level education accessible to all, including students in remote areas of Pakistan.

Dr. Amjad Saqib's Message
(CEO Akhuwat)

Dear Applicants,

Akhuwat is delighted to initiate this unique partnership with Homebridge through which Akhuwat and Beaconhouse are sponsoring 200 scholarships to deserving students. Akhuwat is a strong advocate of providing quality education as a tool to help our youth break through the shackles of poverty. This visionary collaboration exemplifies Akhuwat’s commitment to poverty alleviation and creating equal opportunities for all, irrespective of financial and geographical constraints.