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Social Impact

Homebridge aims to make a positive social impact through conscious and deliberate efforts in its working and operations. 


Hybrid learning extends educational resources to people who may not otherwise have access to the A Levels programme. This, combined with added elements of sustainability and reduced costs, ensures that online learning will continue to grow.

On average, due to daily commutes to an academic institute, a student’s vehicle emits close to one tonne of carbon emissions per year thus adding to global environmental challenges. As the hybrid model focuses mostly on online learning, these carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

Environmental Benefits of Online Learning

According to Bloomberg, nearly 60% of students travel by car to school. This daily commute results in high levels of pollution and emissions, causing respiratory and health issues. Studies show that virtual learning can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 148 pounds each semester!

Online learning reduces the energy consumption to power large school buildings. Schools use a lot of electricity for technology, lighting, and heating/cooling systems. Typical higher-education buildings consume about $100,000 worth of energy per year.

Perhaps the biggest environmental benefit of online learning is the decrease in paper waste. A typical school uses about 2,000 sheets of paper per day, which is about one tree per week! Online learning primarily relies on digital documents. As a result, less paper is used, and more trees are saved.

Schools also require a lot of water. According to the Environmental Policy Agency, USA, the largest uses of water in educational facilities are restrooms, landscaping, heating/cooling, and cafeteria kitchens. During remote learning, the use of water is significantly reduced.

Reducing plastic waste is a significant benefit of online learning. A lot of plastic waste is generated from school cafeterias during lunch breaks. Oklahoma State University reports that one school-aged student who uses disposable lunch products creates 67 pounds of waste during a nine-month school year.

It is estimated that schools waste thousands of tonnes of food per year. 

Reduction of Environmental Impact per 1000 students


Homebridge offers both need-based and merit scholarships for students.

Need-based scholarships are awarded as per requirement of financial assistance. They are eligible for each year of enrolment. By contrast, scholarships based on merit are granted to students who illustrate academic or athletic achievement, along with a range of other talents and criteria.


Homebridge is a strong advocate of social responsibility and is committed to providing assistance through its community initiatives on education. We aim to fund charitable learning locally. It is our purpose to create an educated Pakistan through our CSR programme thereby offering scholarships to students with financial constraints.

The scholarship entails tuition fee waiver (which is approximately 90% of the total cost of the programme). It does not cover the CAIE examination charges, laboratory fees, books, library and extra-curricular activity charges.

MOU Signing: Homebridge and Akhuwat Join Hands to Offer 200 Fully Funded Scholarships for Live Online A Level Programme

We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Akhuwat, bringing you 200 fully funded scholarships for our renowned senior Cambridge online A Level programme.

At Homebridge, we believe in providing affordable and accessible education to talented students across the country. Through our collaboration with Akhuwat, we aim to break down financial barriers and create equal opportunities for aspiring A Level students.

Our online platform offers a seamless and interactive learning experience, enabling students to excel in their A-Level studies from the comfort of their homes. By combining innovative technology with expert faculty, we ensure that students receive the highest quality education that prepares them for success.

Through this partnership, we are not only offering financial support but also comprehensive mentorship and guidance, empowering students to achieve their academic and personal goals. We are committed to nurturing their talents, fostering critical thinking, and preparing them for top-tier international universities.

With Homebridge and Akhuwat, you can be confident in receiving a world-class education that opens doors to prestigious universities worldwide. Our collaboration is driven by a shared vision of providing equal opportunities and empowering talented individuals to reach their full potential.

Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize the educational landscape in Pakistan. Discover the boundless opportunities that await you with Homebridge and Akhuwat. Apply now for our fully funded scholarships and take a leap towards a bright future.

Experience the power of online A Levels with Homebridge – the leading platform for quality education, affordability, and limitless possibilities.